Ukofit:: Sit ups exercises for men


Ukofit? (Are You Fit?)

Lets talk ‘tummy’. Many a times men usually have control of their bodies at their youth but when commitments become too many, they actually forget themselves.

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, A pro bodybuilder and mentor to fitness: “BodyBuilding falls into this unique category where its a sport, an art as well as a way of life(Lifestyle)”

So what are some of the exercises that men can do to maintain their stomach being flat or even with abs and incorporate this workouts to actually be a part of their life?

Here are some sample workouts that guys(and ladies) can use to keep their tummies flat:

abs workout

Top AB Exercises

Remember to always ask yourself and your friends and family: (Ukofit?)Are you fit?




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Information Technologist, Fit Geek. If you want something you never had before you have to be willing to do something you've never done before.

6 thoughts on “Ukofit:: Sit ups exercises for men”

  1. Nice post Nick.. I love your work, i have been keeping up with the exeraices, and i see change, ita been a week only, thanks alot


    1. Dear Bryan
      Thank you for your continued follow up and interest. Keep staying fit and we shall use you as a true life story. You keep us motivated to motivate others.


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