Ukofit:: What to Wear in the Gym (Men and Ladies)

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Many a times we usually end up in mixed gender gyms unless you do aerobics and zumba which are usually mostly full of ladies; and of course with mixed gender comes the question of dress code- while at the gym.
So what is really appropriate and what is “too much”?


Men: For men the options are not  as vast. Some quality sweats will do just perfect..sweats are recommended because not only do they help keep ur body temperature normal during training but also don’t stick on ur body when u sweat that your entire body is visible. I personally wear nylon sweats that have a mesh lining inside that way no matter how much I sweat. It will not gross people out.


I specifically prefer the mesh lining because the blocked lining doesn’t help me regulate my body temperatures.
For tops, it is ok to wear a training vest or a tee shirt or some nylon sweat shirts. I however entirely and strongly discourage coming to the gym in wife-beaters. That is for wearing inside your shirt. Not in the gym. Some even end up being stained and discoloured. Also, DO NOT wear tights nor bike shorts.

Don't wear Bike-shorts to gym

The way you dress in the gym is not only for your own comfort but also for e everyone else around you.


Ladies: I have often heard people comment “The ladies in this gym are too Hollywood, they watch some movies with people in the gym and they think that’s how to dress”. Ladies should make sure they dress right so as to make their trainer comfortable, their fellow ladies as well as gentlemen…well…of course gentlemen for obvious reasons. There is a big difference between training tights and regular tights. The training ones are thicker and don’t reveal all the contents beneath. While the regular ones display any and everything in you once the sweating kicks in. I understand for ladies u want to look sexy in the gym. Which I very much allow(being a guy) but also I want it to be within boundaries. I won’t want to see the panties you wore today or your cameltoe while am busy doing my own exercising. Some nice sweatpants wouldn’t hurt also. Nicely tight(if its all about” tight”), or quality sporting gear.

Hair: You can tie a pony tail or something to make sure you are comfortable and also don’t go oiling every bench you lie on in the gym with your head.

Footware: It is safer to wear closed shoes in the gym for comfort and safety; incase weights fall off their rack or other people accidentally drop them.

Remember that’s a community/public gym, Not private, therefore consider the other attendants.
Be smart. Be sexy. Be clean. Be psyched.

Stay fit.


Ukofit:: Why The Gym

DavidBartonGym Opens Las Vegas Location in Tivoli Village


Ukofit? (Are you fit?)

Some wise monk I think, “You can’t change what’s going on around you until you change what’s going on within you.” Yes you. How does this translate to physicality, muscles and yes you guessed right, the gym. There may be a thousand ways to think about it but in this case “within you” means your physical and biological well-being.

Why some crazy person decides to spend countless hours in the gym only to feel sore the next morning? Why there are so many gyms, gym instructors and even degree programs in the same? Well I may not have an expert’s answer to some of these questions but from my time at the gym I like to think I can cast some light on the matter.

Stress relief. We live in a world that spins at a speed we can’t keep up with. A thousand things can go wrong in a single day. There is so much congestion and negativity in our brains. People have different ways of dealing with it, a drink with friends at the end of a long day, sleeping, listening to music, gaming among others. All these work but so does the gym. A good way to let out that negative energy on something that doesn’t get hurt.

Meditation. The gym is also a good place to meditate, think about life, your goals, you can even throw in family if you like. Walk into any gym and you will be surprised at how minimal the number of conversations are. The sound of metal creating rhythm. Your flow of thoughts almost uninterrupted. No need for woo saaaa and the likes.

Self-worth. Do you feel awkward in your body? Is there something you can do about it? Then why not hit the gym and get the body you desire. Put in the hours, sweat it out, show up and put your body in check. Get that body you feel comfortable in.

Purpose. Think of times when you have hours to spare, nothing to do with yourself. Wouldn’t it be great to spend a few of those hours in a truly productive place? Working on yourself, each day getting better. This translates to real life situations “getting there ultimately but not immediately” This gives your life meaning, something to not only look forward to but to conquer as well. Purpose.

Health. I won’t bore you with things you know about.

Aesthetics. Who knows you may be the next Mr. Olympia or miss world. The world is a stage. What character are you playing? Lead actor? Supporting cast?

Well that was my 2 cents on this matter. In case it dint hit home let me leave you with this one from some female Shakespeare of the 21st century, it goes something like this…

A well-built physique is a status symbol. It reflects the hard work you have put in. You can’t steal it, you can’t borrow it and you cannot hold it without constant work. It is from dedication, constant work, self-respect and dignity.”

From Masinde

Stay Fit


Ukofit:: Sit ups exercises for men

Flat tummy exercise for men



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Lets talk ‘tummy’. Many a times men usually have control of their bodies at their youth but when commitments become too many, they actually forget themselves.

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, A pro bodybuilder and mentor to fitness: “BodyBuilding falls into this unique category where its a sport, an art as well as a way of life(Lifestyle)”

So what are some of the exercises that men can do to maintain their stomach being flat or even with abs and incorporate this workouts to actually be a part of their life?

Here are some sample workouts that guys(and ladies) can use to keep their tummies flat:

abs workout

Top AB Exercises

Remember to always ask yourself and your friends and family: (Ukofit?)Are you fit?



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Ukofit: How to make gym body at home


Ukofit? (Are you fit?)

home gym

Let’s talk about building yourself a gym body right from home. A lot of commitment and discipline is required for this; from dieting, training hours, completing reps without having to be monitored.

Dieting from body to body; for example the ones who want to gain should focus their main diet on protein and high carb intake; the ones who want to lose weight should focus more on foods that enable you to stay energetic and also don’t add up on your caloric intake.

Training hours should strictly be observed without delay. Often when we train alone our bodies are very lazy and lag before we can get the body warmed up for workout. Training time should be strictly observed and seriousness involved.Lets call it a time to take care of yourself. You can get someone to be training with like relative or friend who will keep you always motivated.

Completing the reps (repetitions) without cheating is also very important. You do not have someone to monitor your therefore you should take it upon yourself to push even when the body feels like it doesn’t want to.

I don’t stop because am tired… I stop when I finish

Sleep is also very important. During sleeping is when our bodies recuperate to energetic levels again. A lot of damaged tissue healing and repair also happens while asleep. Make sure you have enough rest.

Stay fit and motivated.



Ukofit: The Relationship Between Music and Workout


Ukofit? (are you fit)

Boost-your-workout-with-the-right-music_360_393622_1_14084960_300Today we take a break from all the lifting, burning fats and sweating and do something fun through learning from a guest writer. So let’s talk music. When working out, it’s good to consider music, it builds your workout tempo (speed). In this area your personal perception is everything.

You can make a playlist of your favorite songs for a workout or you can download a workout mix from YouTube; either way it’s all good. So what can you do to make good workout music?

The startup song is very essential, pick a song that really gets you in the mood for workout, that song that really builds your spirits every time you hear it. If it’s a mix, preview before you download. Pick one with songs that motivate you.

Secondly mix it up a bit: put some tracks on your playlist that break the monotony of that rhythm, for instance in my playlist, I like to mix hip-hop with Trans and house music.

Make it last: for you working with playlist, keep adding the tracks, it’s a lot of time so do this before workout time. Make a point of adding a new song to your workout every few days, the list can never be too long. The music should not stop mid workout, it breaks your rhythm and the momentum you have built so far. So make it last a bit, I keep mine at least 2 hours long so I can always pick up tomorrow from the last track i played the day before.

For you working with a mix it’s quite tricky, listening to the same mix gets boring real quick so be sure to stack a lot of mixes

Finally it all comes down to you, workout music is all about your taste, perception and personality; you may like encouraging music when working out: some Taylor swift shake it off or you might want some music that you can enjoy and match rhythm to. Just avoid slow music in you playlist and pick something that works for you.

spinning class

An example of my workout playlist(hip hop) I start off with all day by Kanye west to build my workout psyche and get me mentally prepped, followed by more hip-hop then mix it up with some locals like Yego by Khaligragh and some instrumentals from Skrillex and I’m good to go.


From Jones: Have fun staying fit


Ukofit:: A list of comprehensive exercises to do using dumbbells only


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Many a times we are usually run low on space to workout in the house or in our own space designated for workout.

So what is the difference between a dumbbell and a barbell?




Also some of the barbell workouts are usually hard to do alone without a supporting rack or a spotter. Dumbbells are also cheaper compared to purchasing barbells.

So I have assembled a list of a comprehensive full body workout that you could do using dumbbells only:

Publication1Remember to stay fit


Ukofit:: keeping hygienic after gym


Ukofit (are you fit)

Let’s talk hygiene. It is important to keep clean especially after gyming.
The body through intense sweating deposits all the toxins from within the body onto your skin.
Therefore avoiding a shower after gym leads in such issues as acnes on and bad odour.
You should shower at least 1 hour after gym so as to clear this waste from your skin.
It is also important to clean your gym clothes so as to make others comfortable while you workout with them. For example it is really difficult when hitting the bench to be spotted by someone who never cleaned his gym pants.
Therefore your hygiene is important to both you and others around you. Afterall what lady wants a sexy man who smells funny? And what man wants a hot lady who smells like something you should be allergic to.

Stay hygienic and stay fit.